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Bob's first radio hit grew out of a personal appearance at New York's Capitol Theater. In the interest of using radio to promote its box-office attractions, the "Capitol Family Hour" hosted by Major Edward J. Bowes originated from the theater every morning. Bob, as one of the theater attractions, was booked for the show.

The show at the Capitol proved to be another career milestone for Bob. It marked the first time he appeared with singer Bing Crosby.


Bob's first major radio appearance was on the "Fleishmann Hour," which starred Rudy Vallee.

In May 1937, Bob signed a twenty-six week radio contract for the "Woodbury Soap Show" which was broadcast from NBC in New York. Later in the year, he traveled to Hollywood to film "The Big Broadcast of 1938," but continued doing his radio show via transcontinental hookup. In 1938, Bob was signed by Pepsodent for his own show on NBC. He became a Tuesday night habit and his show was soon rated number one with American listeners. Bob did his last regular radio show in April 1956.

Bob employed show regulars Jerry Colonna, Brenda and Cobina (Brenda Frazier and Cobina Wright, Jr.), Vera Vague, the vocal group Six Hits and a Miss, Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra and announcer Bill Goodwin. Later, Les Brown and His Band of Renown and Wendall Niles joined the show. Featured singers on the show included Judy Garland, Frances Langford, Doris Day, and Gloria Jean.

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